KFP: “A little more knowledge lights our way”

Describe ways your fellowship has changed you. Consider how you collaborate with peers, deliver instruction and learn about STEM careers. I feel…empowered. As a biomedical science teacher, I feel more confident delivering content, I can better explain modern applications of concepts and techniques, and I have a much wider breadth of information about potential career paths to share with students…. Read more »

KFP: “You’ll find I’m full of surprises!”

We’re off to a busy start this year. My students are currently delving into the complexities of antibiotic resistance, and realizing how scarily simple it is for resistance to develop. Though we won’t be implementing the unit plan I’ve developed until later in the year, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to implement some of the tools and tips I learned… Read more »

KFP: “…No. There is another.”

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Has your knowledge of career opportunities changed as a result of your internship experience? Please explain. When I first started teaching Project Lead the Way biomedical science courses, I had no idea how many career possibilities I had no idea about. I had a similar experience with my internship. I started my internship with a very basic understanding about both… Read more »

KFP: “Pass on what you have learned”

As teachers, we are always learning. Or, at least, we should be. As I wrap up my internship, I’ve been reflecting on my experience and how I can bring what I’ve learned back to my classroom to benefit my students. Overall, I’ve learned a great deal about stem cell potential, history and policy. I now have a much better understanding of… Read more »

KFP: “Everything is (not) proceeding as I have foreseen.”

You are creating a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources. Please describe the challenges and successes you are experiencing. My time in the Rao lab so far has allowed me to experience what daily lab life is like and has given me the opportunity to practice some of the techniques my students learn in a way that… Read more »

KFP: A New Hope

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What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience? I simply hope to grow as an educator. But that’s vague. And broad. And a little scary. Part of me knows that I will gain things from this experience that I can’t even conceive right now, and that’s exciting. But I’m also ready for the things I’m ready for, like… Read more »

KFP: The Force Awakens

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  Describe the highlight of your week at the KFP Summer Institute. The highlight of my week was simply being surrounded by enthusiastic, passionate, positive educators. Though we’re all a bit soggy, I think we’re all leaving this experience with as much or more than we put into it. How do you plan to implement something you learned at the… Read more »