An Experience to Remember

My internship experience at Bosch-Rexroth was full of learning moments! I was able to spend my time engaged in multiple projects, shadowing employees, and sitting in on meetings. The most interesting moments I had were spent on the plant floor. I really enjoyed talking to the different machinists and learning about the different processes for the different products being produced. I also REALLY loved learning how to cut on the Kaltenbach Saw. It was fun getting to saw big aluminum extrusions into smaller pieces.

My biggest challenge in my internship at first was to find a way to make my experience relate to my 8-year-olds in the classroom. I realized at first I was thinking too literally. No, my students are not going to saw and manufacture ball-screws or rail systems in our classroom. Then a week or two into the internship I realized it’s not about the product, it’s about the process. This seems like such a simple understanding. Once I shifted my focus, I started seeing connections to my classroom all around me.

My biggest takeaway from my internship experience are all the different soft skills and processed I can incorporate into my classroom. Through observation and discussion it became very clear how important communication, collaboration, self-management, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are in the work force.  I plan to incorporate these skills in as many different ways as possible throughout my school year. One way to do this is through Project Based Learning. Another procedure I observed (and am stealing) is the red-yellow-green-blue light system. This is a great way to track what students are doing simply through a colored card on their desk (Red: Need help Yellow: I’m struggling but still trying Green: I’m working and Blue: I’m done). On the plant floor they use this light system to track worker productivity.

I can’t believe the internship has already come to an end! I am excited to see what this new partnership with Bosch-Rexroth will entail!

Light system used to monitor productivity
Cutting aluminum on the saw!