Raleigh Bayer/NCSU

Reflecting back on the week that was spent in Raleigh, one can see a great deal of technology and scientific advancement that has taken place in the agricultural field.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at NCSU and Bayer Crop Science.

During our time at NCSU, we were shown the poultry lab and were able to do a small experiment in the genetic field.  We also visited with the Ag Institute, which allows students more options in the Ag education field.  We also spent time with the ethics group that discusses the ethics that goes into the genetic science field.  One interesting area were also able to see was the aquaculture department.  Advancement in this area is helping to keep up with the demand of seafood.

Bayer Crop Science gave us opportunities to see what they are doing in the field of plant genetics.  They are trying to help feed the ever growing population, by creating a better and more durable plant.  We were able to see all the different levels of work that is going on in crop science.  They also gave us a tour of there bee institute.

NCCAT Reflection

Describe the highlight of your week at the KFP Summer Institute.

  • How do you plan to implement something you learned at the institute in your classroom?
  • How has the week compared with other PD opportunities you have attended?


The greatest part of the week at the Summer Institute was getting to know and learning about the other members of the USDA and Farm Bureau The State of Ag.  It has been a great week getting to know others and working together on starting our process together.  I hope that I can take the branding activity that I created back to my classroom to help build consistency in my room.

This PD has been different in that the fact it has been more practical to use in the classroom.  I have never been whitewater rafting on a PD before.  I think that is a great way to build relationships with others, even if it is pulling another fellow back in the raft.


This is my first post on my Kenan Fellowship Blog.  I will continue to post to this site throughout my fellowship.  I will include ideas for lessons, activities to peak interest and thought provoking questions.