Getting some traction…

Over the past few weeks, there were several elements that helped me make progress. Though I was out on vacation, as was Dr. Pritchard, our schedules did not coincide, so we had limited communications for the project. This, however, gave some of the other contributors time to get their components of this project some attention, so a little down time for me was a good thing on many levels. My mentor, Dr. Pam Carpenter, was able to provide some valuable feedback to help me keep the project moving in the right direction. Alexis was able to update the material for the solar array display, which looks significantly better. I was able to talk with Dr. DeLuca, a former professor that was the PI for the GRIDc project a few years back and made some headway at bringing that back to a meaningful state. Robby, the programmer at IBM, was able to pull the data together from the FREEDM Center’s solar array and created a portal that could be added to easily as more arrays come on line. This was probably the biggest contribution in the past two weeks, as one of our main goals is to make this data available to students through IBM’s cloud services. I was able to develop some graphics for the lessons as well as meet with some other Kenan teachers to get feedback for the project.

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