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Dissection Days

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The first thing that I had students dissect as a first year teacher was an owl pellet. Reflecting on my high school experience, I can’t recall dissecting anything – maybe an eye? I’m not sure. I remember as we dissected the owl pellet and found and sorted bones, it was just a small look into the owl’s life and diet…. Read more »

Another Chapter

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When I was little, we lived in a small condo in the suburbs of Washington, DC. My parents worked often, but I always remember my parents pulling out books for us to read, and workbooks for us to practice math problems in. Once we finished all the books in the house, my parents would take us to our local library…. Read more »


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Before my internship at the Dr. Reade Roberts Lab, I had never worked in a scientific research lab before. Talking with the graduate students and the postdoctoral fellows made me more aware of the avenues that those pursuing the sciences can take. In my time teaching, I have noticed that my students with the most interest in medical careers (doctors,… Read more »

The Month In Review

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My summer internship experience is not quite over; my last day will be spent gathering with others at the annual Genetics Program Fall Retreat. A few researchers here at the lab will be giving talks, and others (including myself) will be presenting posters. The poster topic I chose was Translating Research into Lessons, as one of the biggest challenges of… Read more »

Ideas Are Flowing

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When I first found out about this specific Kenan fellowship and how it revolves around cichlids, I was excited because of all the educational lessons that could be planned from it. Quick background information: Cichlids are amazingly diverse and there are at over 1,000 scientifically described species, with more being discovered every year. If you have ever eaten tilapia, you’ve… Read more »

Dissection Day

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My first few days in the Dr. Reade Roberts Lab at North Carolina State University have been a whirlwind! I have had the opportunity to shadow a dissection day, observe the behavior tracking process and helped prepare samples for DNA extraction. The team that works in the lab are extraordinarily talented. Kate Coyle, a graduate student, dissected numerous specimens with… Read more »

Root Beer, Rafting and Rooms

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“If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” This quote has several variations, but it encompasses my philosophy to every situation. As a self-professed lifelong learner, I am the person who likes to wonder and ask questions like “why” or “how.” I firmly believe that there is something more to learn and that you… Read more »

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

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The rain in Cullowhee has been relentless. Despite the dreary weather, I am encouraged by the amazing educators surrounding me this week. Whenever I have a work function to attend, I am never sure if the experience will be educational and enlightening, or uncomfortable and even awkward. In many occupations and professions, there is a high level of competition where… Read more »