What challenges and success are you experiencing with creating your product?

You are creating a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources. Please describe the challenges and successes you are experiencing.

Creating a product from my internship experience has been very challenging. I have not spent much time in my internship which leaves me without much knowledge to transfer into a product. I have contacted several times and only been given instructions for the next day or times to meet later that same day. When I meet with them I am always told that we will be in touch, but I do not hear from them until I make contact again.

I was instructed to take a curriculum developed by the National Credit Union Organization and brand it Coastal. They would like for me to scale it from lower elementary to adults. I am finding it difficult to do this because I was not given much direction. I am not sure how much they would like me to change or create from scratch. I also am not sure if I am supposed to use this as my product or if I also need to create a lesson plan to teach my class. I have not figured out where to start with this project and now I seem to be running out of time during the summer to work on it. I do not want to alienate the Credit Union who has allowed me to become a Kenan Fellow, but I also do not know how to create this product for them with the Coastal Brand.


I feel that there have been few successes so far in my experience. I have not spent enough time in the internship to have had successes in it.