Summer Institute 2018

The week I spent in Cullowhee was one of enlightenment for me.  I have been teaching for 8 years in North Carolina and the Summer Institute by far has been one of the best Professional Development events I have ever attended. There were 24 other forward-thinking and motivated educators in a room together (the 2018-2019 Kenan Fellows).  My brain felt it was in overdrive as I sat and discussed my ideas as well as listening to the amazing ideas of educators from around the state.  There were sessions which discussed how to make a more rigorous lesson for  my students, how to set up digital portfolios, branding myself as an educator, and how to use project-based learning in my classroom.

Upon returning home from Summer Institute I felt a renewed sense of excitement to return to the classroom.  I will be revamping my lesson plans using the KFP Lesson plan template as well as using information that was presented in different sessions throughout the week.  One of the most significant activities from the week was Digital Literacy as well as the Digital Portfolio presentations.  These activities will definitely be beneficial throughout my school year.

Additionally the importance of “branding” myself as an educator was something of importance that was presented by Mark.  It is an important factor to be incorporated in the future of my career.


First day @#18KFPD

Day One-what can I say?  Excitement, nervousness, joy, anticipation, relief!  All emotions I am feeling as it comes to an end.  My professional possibilities are limitless as I sit here and reflect as well as anticipate what being part of the Kenan Fellows partnership will be like.  Kenan Fellows selected me for a year-long Fellowship and one component is a three-week internship starting in July with Central Electric.  I cannot wait to share all I learn at BSA, in Lee County, and hopefully beyond.  Cullowhee is beautiful and will develop my mind and spirit as I enter my next stage in becoming a more profound educator here in NC.  Thank you Kenan Fellows and CEMC!