New Kenan Fellow

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As a new Kenan Fellow, I am most looking forward to expanding my professional support network, while also developing community projects and curriculum in my school that increase students’ curiosity.  Leaving a state and school community to start fresh in North Carolina was no easy task.  Throughout this past school year, I often found myself missing “my people back home.”  However, Durham, NC is my home now, and I am finding “my people” right here.  The Kenan Fellowship will give me the professional experiences I’ve been missing, and also keep me connected with like-minded individuals who are just as excited about education as I am.  Additionally, I will make friends and connections across the state, so I can always turn toward a trusted professional when I need insight in my classroom.

On top of all of this, I am so excited to intern with the EPA. I know that an internship like this is something I couldn’t have without the Fellowship.  While working with the EPA, and other educators, I will be developing programs and curriculum that get young people outside, and diversify outdoor spaces.  I will also be creating opportunities for students to meet and work with scientists across different fields of study; ultimately establishing career exploration equity my school community.   On top of all of this, I get to work with brilliant STEAM minds, to organize effective and efficient literacy tools to use across content areas…all the while, opening my own English classroom doors to science and math educators.  Overall, I am most looking forward to the growth that will happen personally and professionally by being a Kenan Fellow.