“Ah-ha” Moments in the Classroom

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One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing the young people I work with “connect the dots” between what we study in the classroom and life outside of school.  These “ah-ha” moments, I find, have less and less to do with the world of academia, and more to do with real-world experiences, and life-long learning journeys.  The biggest memory… Read more »

Professional Growth and Relationships

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When I first heard about, and applied for the Kenan Fellowship, I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of classroom impact.  For starters, I didn’t really think I had any business applying to begin with—I’m not a science teacher.  However, since becoming a fellow, I’ve made huge changes in my practice, especially when it comes to collaborating with… Read more »

New-ish Classroom Strategies

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Midway through the first semester of school, I have to admit I find myself fighting some of the same battles in my classroom as I have for the last 9 years.  So much of what I am struggling with comes down to procedural matters; students missing work, never having enough extra copies (where do they all go?), spending too much… Read more »

Jobs, and the Future of the Young People We Work With

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Going into my fellowship, I thought “oh cool, the EPA, lots of environmental type people with Birkenstocks—very crunchy, I’ll fit right in.”  Okay, so I WAS pretty spot on in some ways, but I quickly learned that there is so much more happening at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Throughout my three weeks at the agency, I was continually surprised by… Read more »

STEM isn’t so Scary After All

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I’ll readily admit, going into my internship I was a bit anxious, apprehensive, nervous, worried—you get the idea—about spending so much time in a “sciencey” space.  Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the thought of being completely out of my element, struck dumb by the fact I’d have no idea what was going on, and a bit of me was also… Read more »

Searching for the “Right” Steps to Take

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Thus far, in the very early stages of my internship, the major challenge I am facing is one I’m sure every adult has…that overwhelming fear that you’re going to get “found out” as a fraud, and told to go home—I know, I know, there’s a name for this, but overcoming my Imposter Syndrome has by far been my biggest challenge. … Read more »

My First Week As a Kenan Fellow

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This Kenan Fellows Program Week has been nothing short of amazing.  I came to NCCAT with all the nervous energy and excitement as a pre-teen going to summer camp for the first time; asking myself “am I at the right place? Will I find ‘my people’?”.  The week did not disappoint.  Some of my most memorable highlights from my time… Read more »

New Kenan Fellow

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As a new Kenan Fellow, I am most looking forward to expanding my professional support network, while also developing community projects and curriculum in my school that increase students’ curiosity.  Leaving a state and school community to start fresh in North Carolina was no easy task.  Throughout this past school year, I often found myself missing “my people back home.” … Read more »