Transitioning from Internship to Classroom

Back to school! In fact, it’s already week three for teachers and week two for students. My ideas are still yet visions, but they are beginning to take shape. My SOP unit (Standard Operating Procedures) with our new robot has excited third graders. I know that there will be a lot of pieces and scaffolds I need to put in place. But ultimately when all is said and done, the students will create something very useful for teachers and students at Easley.

After watching the online videos and experimenting with the Bot, students will offer feedback to one another after they have completed their section of the SOP.

I am going in thinking that I might be crazy to hold such high expectations of students but if this works, it will provide many benefits to all involved, namely the teachers and students that would also like to use the Bots but don’t yet know how, as well as teaching 3rd-5th graders valuable career skills.

I look forward to updating soon on our progress!