6 weeks in…

You are about six weeks into the school year.  Describe one new tool or strategy you have implemented.

How and why you are using it?
What impact is it having on you and your students?


It took me longer than expected to begin implementing some of the strategies I have learned.  I used the first day of school advise: I introduced myself to my students and let them know I was here for them, we did some icebreakers, as well allowing them to sit where they wanted.  For about a week and a half, I had to go over the beginning of the year activities before we got to the “science” of class. Then we got hit with the hurricane as we began learning about the hydrosphere.  I finally feel like now I can begin using other more creative things I have learned. The first tool that I have begun to use is the infographic. The infographic wasn’t part of the original assignment on CMAPP, but I thought it would not only give me a chance to use something I have learned, but it also allows to students to use a new technique (which may also be used in other classrooms) and provides my students the opportunity to teach to their peers and become an expert on the subject.

Has your knowledge of career opportunities changed as a result of your internship experience? Please explain.

While completing my internship I have learned of other career opportunities through studying cells.  Many of them are in education and would require additional education or training.  There is also the ability to take what you have learned about your field of study and find ways to improve on it.  I worked with scientist who have developed a type of lens that splits the laser beam in a way that allows for various views of the micro-organisms.  While in Massachusetts I toured NOAA, which provides several science and research opportunities.  Research and teaching were the most noticeable career opportunities.

Blog 4 (7/27/18)

My internship this summer has been at the labs of Dr.’s Paul and Amy Maddox at UNC, Chapel Hill.  This has been an awesome experience.  It really made me feel like I was in undergrad again.    The most interesting moment of the program was how much research went in to studying C.  Elegans.  As well as the detailed images from the microscopes we used.  We also got a chance to look at a micro-organism called Tardigrades that look like something out of a science fiction movie.  The first day was probably the most challenging because the scientist were using vocabulary that I had gotten out of the practice of using because of the level of science I teach.  I quickly remembered the terms and caught on.  Also watching one of the scientist code.  I was completely lost.  I realized that coding is something I need to learn how to do.  The biggest take away from this experience so far is something that I already say to my students, that science is always changing.  What you learn today, may be totally different in 10 years.  Learn to work collaboratively and be willing to learn through failures.

Blog 3

You are creating a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources. Please describe the challenges and successes you are experiencing.
So far this is my 3rd day at UNC. I have seen quite a few very interesting things in the lab. Some of the things I have seen are how centrioles make spindle fibers which are used to help embryo’s divide. Many of the things that I have seen will be visually interesting to my students. We were able to take some cool images of flatworm embryos as they divide. This would grab my students’ attention. I also spoke with another scientist who studies genetics and biotechnology and that was spot on for what I wanted to do. The challenge that I would see coming from this is, it is over my students’ head. Some of the things I heard either made me dig back into my memory to remember or I had to ask for a reminder.

2nd Blog: Week of KFP

Respond to the following prompt. Describe the highlight of your week at the KFP Summer Institute. • How do you plan to implement something you learned at the institute in your classroom? • How has the week compared with other PD opportunities you have attended?

The highlight of my week was the scavenger hunt.  I love to move.  Sitting down all day receiving information does serve a purpose, but when provided with the opportunity to get up and move and still learn equates to awesome for me!!  At the end of last school year, I wanted to have my students do an infographic for an assignment.  I looked for things to use and could not find anything useful.  To my surprise what did I get a chance to learn how to do, an infographic! One of the things I will do this coming up school year is an infographic.    This weeks PD, opportunities compared to others I have been to was amazing.  They honestly cannot compare.  Most PD’s that I have had to attend don’t really pertain to me to make me the best teacher that I can be professionally.  They mostly involve me receiving information for someone from DPI, telling me what I have to do to help out some other areas (Math/ELA).  This is important but it makes you feel like what you teach isn’t.