What I learned at the Summer Institute!

I’ve learned so much during this Kenan Fellows summer institute.  As a more experienced educator, I’ve had many amazing teacher growth experiences inside and outside of the classroom.  The Kenan Fellows summer institute is, by far, one of my best professional development experiences.

I’ve learned so much from my colleagues.  They truly are experts in their respective education fields from across the state.  The breadth and depth of expertise in assessments, resources, technology integration, social media, etc. have been invaluable.
The team-building and collaboration through the EdCamp and the Scavenger Hunt were also excellent exercises.  Even though it has only been four days, I have grown as a person and a professional in terms of my confidence, knowledge of resources, and awareness of teacher advocacy methods.
I’m excited about the internship experience!

My hopes for the Kenan Fellowship experience

I’ve attended hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours of teacher professional development (PD).  Some of the PD has been passive and boring, much of the PD has been interactive, engaging, and inspirational.  No doubt, the Kenan Fellowship fits into the latter category!  Even though the fellowship is now 4 days old, I am going to reflect on the past four days and provide my hopes for the next year in the fellowship.

So, I came to the fellowship excited about the prospect of learning from and learning with some of the best teachers in the state of North Carolina.  I was also fearfully excited about moving out of my comfort zones and challenging myself to share my thoughts with others.  The fellowship has certainly not disappointed.  I’ve learned a ton from my peers and I’ve had opportunities in non-threatening ways to contribute meaningfully to small group discussions.

I am extremely hopeful for my externship experiences over the next few weeks.  Admittedly, I don’t have a solid grasp on my project yet, I am excited to have an opportunity to think about racial equity and racial diversity in teacher leadership.  I am so grateful for this experience!

Patio PD

I’m a believer in Patio PD for sure.  Just taking time to talk to other teachers to learn about their triumphs and challenges is so beneficial to me.  I really loved learning about the lives outside of teaching that many of my colleagues lead.  Just in one night, I learned about the therapeutic power of kayaking on a river (we did not go out this morning, but hope to in the next few days).  I also learned about the comedy of Eddie B:). I look forward to checking him out.

Professional development can sometimes be passive, boring, and redundant.  The informal Patio PD last night was just the opposite!  I’m so grateful.