Viscosity is Cool…but is it cool to fifth graders

My internship this summer is at Novozymes North America and I’ve been working in the optimization lab looking at the viscosity of a chemical they use in Production.  I have been testing the viscosity of this chemical every hour to see if the viscosity changes during and after a 24 hour period.  We also tested the chemical at different times in a 24 hour period to see if the effectiveness of the chemical changes over time with the viscosity.  This has be extremely interesting and mind opening experiment for me that got project ideas flowing quickly.

I came up with several different ideas for projects but the idea of viscosity kept coming up especially centered around one project.  With this project students are helping companies choose a product for them to sell by reviewing data on viscosity.  I’m able to use the data I’ve been collecting here at Novozymes for the students to evaluate which has made creating my project a lot easier.  I also have so many people that are willing to sit and talk and bounce ideas off of when I need.  The problems that I have hit with my project is centered around the standards.  I easily was able to relate this project to fifth grade math standards, especially with my math background.  Trying to relate it to fifth grade science standards on the other hand, not so easy.  I looked over and reviewed the science standards several times and did some research.  I finally figured out that viscosity can be a physical change in a fluid or material, which is one of the fifth grade standards.  I also hit issues with all the document connections for my project that I need to make it easier for teachers to use.  I had to do some research and waste time trying a few different things, but ended up bookmarking and putting all documents into the same file for ease.  I cannot wait to see this project completely done and see my kids excitement as they complete it.