Highlights of the KFP Summer Institute Week

Highlights of my week at the KFP Summer Institute  at NCCAT include many aspects:

Personal:  Being with like-minded people with passions for learning, teaching, and exploring

Professional:  Creating a brand which will help me focus my learning, energy, and future endeavors to channel them into a very productive lifestyle/teaching style

  • I plan to implement using iNaturalist in my classroom.  My students and their families has access to great technology.  Being in a rural area and learning to embrace nature and our environment would be promoted by using iNaturalist.  This resource will allow my students to engage in data collection and begin to be a part of scientific research.
  • Compared with other PD I have attended, this week has included amazing presenters who are ALL head-over-heels in love with learning and the purpose of Kenan Fellows.  It is an honor and extremely motivational to be part of this special group of educators. The intensity and required-energy and engagement is extensive as is the reward!

What do you hope to gain from your fellowship experience?

From my fellowship, I hope to gain a better grasp on how I can prepare my students to enter a STREAM-related career.  I look forward to the professional relationships, teaching skills, content knowledge, and life experiences I will gain during my Kenan Fellows experience. The kick-off here at the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching has been an amazing blast-off into my Kenan Fellowship!