My three weeks at Fidelity Investments

Agile, squads, scrum master, story points, Jira. Are any of these words ringing a bell for you? If so, lucky you! You are probably skilled with completing projects for company and working with a team of people on a consistent basis. However, I felt like I was flying on a magic carpet singing “A Whole New World” as all of the topics and concepts were being introduced to me. What is absolutely amazing is how a task is completed. The process that the company implements to get work done just seems so efficient and I have never experienced anything like it.
What is great about this experience is having mentors who are willing to spend time talking to me and explaining everything so that I can understand. During my three weeks, they met with me each day and answered all of the questions that I had. They were very patient and used many analogies and examples to help me understand some of the more nuanced terms in their company. This week I have began learning about automated and manual testing.
What am I doing you ask? Well, I am working with Fidelity to build a curriculum for their Quality Assurance Engineers. Although the summer is over, my work has really just begun. I will continue to meet with my mentors on a regular basis in order to build this curriculum. After this is completed, we will be moving forward to building a curriculum for their full stack and T-shaped engineers. Stay tuned!

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