Describe your internship experience.

Describe your internship experience.
• What was the most interesting moment?
• What was the biggest challenge?
• What is your biggest take away?

This internship for me was one of the most hands-on, enjoyable experience I’ve had as an educator.  With the NC Coastal Federation, I was able to learn so much about the environment around me that I had little knowledge of before this oppurtunity.

For example- did you know that an adult Oyster filters up to 50 GALLONS of water a day?!!! 50 Gallons!  That’s a bathtub full of water…. who knew oysters were so important- am I right?

I’ve been able to go in the trenches (ok, so maybe more like in the marsh) and get my hands dirty showing students about the living organisms in our sound at a field trip to Hammocks Beach State Park.  I’ve been able to learn about how important it is to create living shorelines versus putting up man made bulkheads.  I’ve learned how we can all do a better job to reduce water run-off pollution to our waters.  It’s truly been eye opening.

On top of all that I have learned, I’ve been able to use my creative nature to help others learn.  With the NC Coastal Federation, I was able to help develop and produce 60 send home educational kits that had over 15 activities to teach students about all of the wonderful knowledge the Coastal Federation has to offer.

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