Wrapping Up My Kenan Year (The Year of COVID)

To say this year has been a challenge would be an understatement. Usually, I enjoy a challenge. I even seek out challenging opportunities like Kenan Fellowships. I love to learn new things and am constantly on the look out for new engaging materials and lessons for my students. I feel, however, like I have been on a moving train that… Read more »

PBL and Plan B

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Are we really just two weeks into the semester? My days are long and my nights are short.  My eyes are strained from the monitors, the smart television and the document camera use.  I plan for my totally remote kids, for my partially remote Group 1 students, plan the same thing for my partially remote group 2 kids – who… Read more »

Challenges in our New World

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COVID19 has brought many changes to my world.  From March when schools were dismissed from learning in a building, teachers were tasked with bringing in person dynamics and relationships to the screen.  Much confusion in directives and state guidelines brought about a halt in education.  Parents and students were confused with online learning, the expectations and the gap being laid… Read more »

Virtual Summer Institute 2020 – the BEFORE and AFTER

When we got the news (broken so softly) that NCCAT would not be a reality for us, I was very sad.  I have had previous experiences at NCCAT and was so looking forward to the isolation from distractions, the comradery built with new educators like myself and the food I did not have to cook. When we were told it… Read more »