The Journey Begins

Six months into 2020 and this year has been filled with highs and lows I never could have imagined back in January as we celebrated the New Year. Being chosen to be part of the current Kenan Fellows cohort is a high that I know will outshine all the lows. I originally learned about the KFP from a colleague who is an alumni and encouraged me to apply, later a colleague in my building sent me an email with information and said she thought I would be a good fit. Inspired by the confidence others had in me I submitted my application, and was so excited when I learned I was chosen to be part of the program. In addition to the requirements and expectations that are part of being a Kenan Fellow I also know I owe it to all those that believe in me to not only learn as much as I can but to share it with others locally and across North Carolina and beyond.

I am looking forward to working with Samsi and Dr. Banks, and learning how data and statistics are used in everyday life to solve problems and shape policies in the world around us. I want to help students and teachers gain a better understanding of how math is used in the real world. As we all navigate our daily life in this unprecedented time of Covid-19, with so many unknowns in our future, we are surrounded by data and statistics. I want to help my students to learn how Math is used make decisions that effect them all the time.

In addition, I am looking forward to learning from the best of the best in North Carolina education, how we can make remote learning a valuable and meaningful experience for all students regardless of where they live. I expect the coming year will be filled with challenges for all of us, but I know that working with others we can find solutions to many of the obstacles we face and then share them with our colleagues to benefit all students.