Back to School Virtually and using New Strategies

Back to school virtually is what it is for now!!! How can I reach my students and keep them engaged???? I am using some new strategies that I received from the Pandemic Pandemonium Professional Development offered through the Kenan Fellows Program. I incorporated the use of structured “Brain Breaks” into my live lessons and my students really enjoyed it. It… Read more »

Internship Week 1 Atrium Windows and Doors (Cornerstone Builders)

With some much of today’s educational norms unknown, I have begun planning for what could possibly be the new norm for our students. As a Kenan Fellow, I have the opportunity to work with some great mentors (with Atruim Windows and Doors) to help continue students’ pathway to Career and Life readiness. Together, we brainstormed ideas for a project (utilizing… Read more »

Hello world! What I hope to get out of this fellowship.

I’m so excited about being selected as a Kenan Fellow. I believe this opportunity will be worthwhile to me, my students and colleagues. I’m eager to learn new strategies and techniques that I can use and share with my students. I do hope this experience will allow me to reach students in a more impactful way and allow them to… Read more »