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Invention Convention

Wk 6: Completing Constructing the Invention

Learning Outcomes: 
  • The learner will complete constructing his/ her invention using the invention design, previously created in the student’s Invention Log. 
  • National Science Education Standards, Students Kindergarten – Fourth Grade
    • Content Standard E
      • Students will develop an understanding of the abilities of technological design
      • Identify a problem
      • Propose a solution
      • Implement a solution
      • Evaluate a product or design
      • Communicate a problem, design, and solution

“Invention Convention” is an integrated project combining learning from language arts, science, and math curriculums allowing students to apply their understandings of magnets and electricity by designing or improving an existing invention.

Classroom Time Required: 
  • Time will vary, depending on the student and invention.  A good estimate would be one to two hours.
Materials Need: 
  • Materials will vary, depending on the student and invention.  Teacher and student should utilize the “materials list” outlined in the student’s “Inventor’s Log.” 
  • Prior to this lesson, students should have begun constructing their inventions. 
  • The students will be completing their inventions.  Sometimes, a student’s invention does not come to fruition as they had intended. In this case, the teacher can guide the student to leave the invention as it is, further explaining the outcome in their expository writing.  Likewise, sometimes construction can go “on and on.”  Students need to understand they have a deadline.  If their inventions are not “perfectly completed,” they are able to reflect and analyze this in their evaluation and their expository writing.  Reassure students that this routinely happens to engineers and inventors at various stages of the design process. 
  • Once construction ends, the inventions will need to be stored in a safe place to avoid being sat on, dropped, or coming unglued.  It is best that the students not have access to the inventions until it is time to set up for the convention. 
  • Because students are using a previously created drawing and are working with hands on materials, ELLs should be able to participate without modifications. 
Supplemental Files: