Work Worth Doing

Tools in their Hands

I love field trips. Love. Them. I teach at a unique school, and our kids work hard to form good learning habits, improve the skills they already have, and maximize success from their strengths. It is fine to do all of this work in one location, with one set of people, but even better to transfer that work to more diverse situations with a wider range of interactions. Once I found out my Kenan externship would be at one of my favorite places, the Museum of Natural Sciences, I knew I would take my students there!

I have been bringing students to the MNS for years. We have enjoyed the floors of displays with a wide-range of topics and experiences, the living creatures and models, the interactive lab classes, and the movies. This year, I knew I could promise my students an experience unlike most visitors. With the blessing of my Assigned researcher, Dr. Bourke, and the head of the Paloentology Lab, Dr. Zanno, my students got to enter the lab for a tour not many visitors are privileged enough to receive.

I made these, mostly for fun, but also to drive home the “special status” of our field trip.

The kids loved getting to go into the lab. Just try to tell me they don’t look impressive in there!

Do you know what is music to a kid’s ears while visiting a museum? “Yes, you CAN touch that.”

And then, thanks to the Chief Preparator, Aaron Giterman, the kids were in for an extra privilege…

Check out the looks on their faces! I mean, really! That’s what it is all about. Literally giving the kids a chance to try new tools. It is bliss as a teacher to watch kids be amazed at an opportunity, and that is exactly what happened during our day at the museum!

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