Trust the Process

In my fellowship I had the chance to work with a few mentors on different aspects of our project. I had people to look to for the research and engineering side of creation and people to look to for design. Creating a final product that both works and serves a purpose requires both sides of the aisle. I am more inclined to the engineering and constructing side of things. Sitting down and working through the design process as a team seemed arduous at first. I didn’t see the use in it. I had an idea, I knew how to do it, and I wanted to just get to making. The mentors in the program challenged us not to run full steam, but to trust the process. Sometimes you can’t always feel like a winner and you need to tank one or two projects to see results. The mentors gave us a framework, and pushed us to work within that framework to explore our own creativity and building process. There were no direct orders, just suggestions from people who knew more about the process than the product we were creating. Working with these mentors has given me a desire to seek out those who understand how to go about creating, even if they do not work directly in the field of the thing being created.