My fellowship has changed the way I interact with people in the community. I have a new perspective on how to grow as an educator. In my first few years it was beg, borrow, and steal some lessons to figure out how other people do it. But through the fellowship and seeing how other people approach their classroom, I have more the mindset now that there are multiple viable ways to lead a classroom. Some people have styles that are completely opposite of mine and they do cool things with that style. Some people have a similar teaching style, but use vastly different materials, or a project based approach. This fellowship really opened my perspective on what education is, what it means, and how we know if it is successful. It showed me there are careers outside of teaching that I could enjoy and how to use that interest to show students options they didn’t know they have. The jobs they are moving towards haven’t been created yet. They aren’t listed on career interest sheets. This fellowship gave me ammo for the small conversations with students about their futures and super dope science thingies.