Kenan Fellow/Mentor Partnership

My partnership with my mentor is what has made this experience so great.  We wanted to both learn from each other.  I feel as though I gained a great contact and a friend.

I worked with my mentor and other professionals at Keihin.  It was very important and beneficial for me to see how they all tied together.

My “ah-ha” moment was being able to witness problem solving in a meeting.  They were behind on production on one of their lines, and all departments were working together to come up with a solution.  It made me realize the importance of group work and communication.  I knew then I had to incorporate more group work and problem solving activities in my classroom.

I was able to work side-by-side with my mentor and on my own.  I think the alone time was very important because it gave me time to reflect and write down all my ideas.

I know I can always call on David for anything I need.  He is willing to help me and give back to his community and surrounding communities.  It is apparent that he cares about education and knows the importance of a great education.

We do plan to work together once my fellowship ends.  I will have him come talk to my class yearly to get them excited about different professions they have at their fingertips.

PRL Plan

I chose to learn more about project based approaches/learning and how to use it in the classroom.  I have watched webinars from Intel and they have been very informative.  It has given me great starting points for incorporating it in my classroom.  I have also learned why it is so important.

The Kenan Fellows Program Professional Learning program has been so beneficial and interesting to me.  I have been able to chose what I want to learn more about and incorporate it in my classroom.  It was not a waste of my time, as some professional learning programs can be.  We are more apt to use it in the classroom, if it is something we want to learn more about.