What do I want to gain from my internship as an educator?

I have a lot of goals I hope to attain during my internship, but I am focusing on two.  As an educator, I hope to gain real life experience in 21st century skills to use in my classroom on a daily basis.  I also want to gain more leadership skills.

I have spent three days in my internship and I have already seen the importance of 21st century skills.  There are so many different things going on at one time, so if a problem occurs, it is important to know how to collaborate, communicate, and be creative in coming up with a solution.  Technology is very important and vital to everyday life, but I feel it has had a negative impact on soft skills that are so important for the classroom and workforce.  I hope to find a good medium on using technology, and teaching my students the importance of the other 21st century skills.

Every teacher is a leader.  They lead the students in their classroom everyday.  I feel I am a good leader in the classroom, however I would love to gain more leadership skills with my colleagues and community.  I would love to get the community more involved in my classroom and school.  It takes a leader to teach the future leaders!

A Week at NCCAT!

It has been an amazing week at NCCAT!  There are so many great things that happened this week, but if I had to highlight one it would be meeting the wonderful teachers across the state.  It has been so beneficial to talk to teachers who are so knowledgeable.  

My hope is to really build up STEM in my school.  I have learned so much from talking to STEM coordinators to attending Project Based Learning professional developments.  I’m walking away from this week with ideas and resources.  

My least favorite session was “Why Culture Matters.”  I understand the importance of the session, but I did not feel like I could take away strategies to use in my own classroom.  However, the speaker did a great job at delivering the message.

There is no comparison in the professional development we have received this week and professional development in the past.  I think the PD this week has deepened our understanding as whom we are as a teacher, been motivating, and provided us with strategies and resources we can take back to the classroom.  

The session I found most useful was edcamp.  It was a great way to discuss as a group what we really wanted to learn more about.  I really liked how we were able to get everyone’s point of view on the topic.  It was a great way to grow as an educator.  

I am a Kenan Fellow!

First and foremost, I am so honored to be a Kenan Fellow.  I’m so excited to see where this will take me in my career.  I know the collaboration with prestige teachers from across the state, professional development, and real-world knowledge gained from my internship will make me a better teacher.

I think I will be equipped with the skills and resources needed to give my students an awesome kindergarten experience.  It will also provide opportunities for me to push this out to my colleagues and beyond.

The sky is the limit with this given opportunity.