What do I want to gain from my internship as an educator?

I have a lot of goals I hope to attain during my internship, but I am focusing on two.  As an educator, I hope to gain real life experience in 21st century skills to use in my classroom on a daily basis.  I also want to gain more leadership skills.

I have spent three days in my internship and I have already seen the importance of 21st century skills.  There are so many different things going on at one time, so if a problem occurs, it is important to know how to collaborate, communicate, and be creative in coming up with a solution.  Technology is very important and vital to everyday life, but I feel it has had a negative impact on soft skills that are so important for the classroom and workforce.  I hope to find a good medium on using technology, and teaching my students the importance of the other 21st century skills.

Every teacher is a leader.  They lead the students in their classroom everyday.  I feel I am a good leader in the classroom, however I would love to gain more leadership skills with my colleagues and community.  I would love to get the community more involved in my classroom and school.  It takes a leader to teach the future leaders!

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