Bridging Math and the World

It’s a Two-Way Street

This internship at Bayer is definitely a “two-way street.”  We [myself and Bayer] are both benefiting from this experience.

For instance, being able to take part in this internship has provided me with the opportunity to expand my network, knowledge, experiences, and inspiration.  I am going to be able to take this experience and directly apply it in my classroom to benefit my students.

At the same time, Bayer is also benefiting from providing me with this experience.  As a part of my internship at Bayer, I have two primary projects given to me by my mentor, Danielle.

  1. Create an improvement plan for the tours in their Greenhouse (make them more engaging/interactive and catered to different age groups.
  2. Play a “consultant” role in Bayer’s preparation for their Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop.

In completing these two projects, hopefully I can “repay” Bayer for all of the insight that I have gained from this once in a lifetime experience.

I must also mention that the employees in the Bayer Greenhouse benefited from the muscle and sweat that Linnea and I put in over the this week.  Kudos to the hard work that these guys and gals endure in extreme heat and humidity all in the name of science!

Basically, soybean plants were my best friends for three days! You can see what I mean below:

             IMG_20160705_150930008              IMG_20160705_152531389                IMG_20160706_150437963                IMG_20160706_150454544_HDR

                                                                   IMG_20160706_151530245_HDR                IMG_20160707_141959397

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