Bridging Math and the World

Looking Back

Looking back on this experience….

  • I will never forget the time when Linnea and I dissected soybeans.  I learned that I am absolutely terrible with a scalpel and a pipet.  I also learned that the scientists at Bayer are about 10 times faster at dissecting them than Linnea and I are combined.
  • It was the perfect experience to to start off the school year.  Going through the fellowship over the summer and the week at NCCAT inspired me throughout the entire year.  My focus was different than in years past and I was inspired to try new things.  For instance, some technology tools I learned about at NCCAT are now some of my favorite.
  • Ultimately, I grew a lot over this past year. Both my teacher network and my toolbox for activities/ideas has also grown.  I now have a wider support system to share and exchange ideas with.  Overall, I think that with this experience I have also grown more confident as an educator.
  • I would definitely recommend this program to someone else (I even have recommended it to several people at my current and former schools).  This program is an awesome mix of gaining relevant STEM experience, reflecting, and curriculum development.  It has a little bit of everything. It is very worthwhile!

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