Friday July 22

My internship experience has been quite rewarding. I have been treated like a member of the Vidant family. My 2 mentors were Lisa Lassiter and Nancy Turner. I visited over 38 different sites within the hospital and at Vidant offices that were off the hospital’s campus. I met doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers etc who gave me better insight into how mathematics is being used in their job on a daily basis.
The most interesting moment was with DaVinci Robotics in the East Carolina University Heart Center. 2 other teachers, my mentors and I watched a video that showed a surgeon using the robot to perform a heart surgery.
Doctors go through extensive training to learn how to maneuver the tiny robot clips. Surgeries are performed with more preciseness because the robot clamps are able to fit in places where human hands and fingers can not. After we watched the surgery, we were encouraged to practice with the robot ourselves. It was AMAZING!
One day I drove to Vidant Beaufort in Washington NC. I was not sure what to expect. The hospital is much smaller compared to Greenville. The staff there quickly put my mind at ease. They treated me like they knew me and I was able to work with a nurse who specialized in nuclear medicine. Needless to say it was interesting.
In working with my mentors, I was reminded the importance of professionalism at all times. We often discussed the importance of instructing, practicing, and reinforcing social skills to my students so that they can develop positive relationships with their peers. I also learned that Vidant Medical Group plays a major role in providing superior health care to its eastern North Carolina patients.

One thought on “Friday July 22”

  1. It is good to know that the feeling is mutual at different Vidant hospitals. They do not treat you like a stranger. When you mentioned social skills, it makes me reflect back to my internship and working with the nurses, their social skills were above average. I recall asking one of the nursing director’s what they look for or what skills do they deem as necessary when they are hiring nurses. She stated that one of the main qualities they look for is personality. She can teach you to measure, she can teach you how to administer medicine but she cannot teach you to care. You have to care. I also thought nuclear medicine was very interesting. I am glad you had a great experience. Two thumbs up for the Vidant Medical Groups.

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