Friday July 29

Vidant has a volunteer program for teens ages 15-17. They must commit to volunteering one 4hr shift per week. One day I met the program coordinator. He explained to me how he often has to spend a great deal of time training teens on how to use appropriate social skills. I plan to do the same with my students. I will be observing one-on-one and group interactions and praise students when they are using appropriate social skills. I know that 3rd grade seems early but having positive social skills will play huge role in helping my students build solid relationships with their peers.

One thought on “Friday July 29”

  1. Hi Keshia!
    I agree whole-heartedly that 3rd grade is definitely not too soon to start. We are rolling out a program in my school this year in which we are coaching ALL grade levels in how to set up and coach teamwork with their students. Having foundations in collaboration paves the way for so much success in so many ways for our students. By the time they get to upper elementary, many have already formed a social interaction style they rely upon in school. If that is not effective in collaboration, it is quite a challenge to have to move them toward a change in their interaction philosphies and habits. There are some great resources for promoting teamwork at all grade levels on the Buck Institute website: Good luck!!

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