Customer Service

 One thing that stands out to me is that Vidant has a blanket standard where customer service is concerned; however, they strive to meet the individual needs of their patients. I realize that customer service also happens where our students are concerned. I have a blanket set of high expectations for my 3rd graders. I also realize that I need to strive to reach my students academically and socially.
     During my fellowship, I was able to meet educators from around the state who share the same ideas as me. There are also those who have opened my eyes to various strategies and resources that I have already began implementing in my class. During patio PD, I enjoyed our discussions on reasons my fellow teachers chose this profession. I feel refreshed and renewed.
     Since my internship, I have had job offers from neighboring counties and former employers, but I am committed to take my experiences from this summer to inspire my students to think independently and bring about positive change that will take Greene County to the next level in economic competitiveness and growth.