AIG Teacher as a Scientist

Kenan Fellowship Expectations

In April I was on my way to NCCAT in Ocracoke for a session on Promoting the Literacy of Gifted Students.  I received a phone call from my husband informing me that I had a letter from Kenan.  When he offered to open it I was so nervous because this was an opportunity I wanted for myself, my students, and my colleagues.  He relieved my fear by sweetly informing he had opened the letter and would not have called if the outcome was not positive.

Since that time I have thought about what the Kenan Fellowship was going to mean to all the above mentioned parties.  I want the fellowship to help me grow as a teacher leader so that I can share a passion that keeps me going day in and day out.  I want to meet others who are as excited about teaching as I am.  I want to immerse myself in science in a way I ave never before.

My students are easily excited and I want the Kenan Fellowship to give me something that I have totally jumped in feet first to understand and convey to them.  I want them to see how “real” scientists do science and see themselves as scientist.   I want to be able to share my experiences and open their ideas about future opportunities for them.

For my colleagues, I want to be so jazzed about my Kenan experiences that I can share all of our work so that they can be a part of citizen science projects.  I want to have a wealth of resources to share and a network to tap into so that I not only help my classroom but their’s as well.


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