AIG Teacher as a Scientist

Life in the Field

What do cool Kenan Fellows do at 5am?  Well we had the wonderful experience of going out in the field at 5am to collect data from small mammal traps with a group of scientists.  We got to see lots of cotton rats.  We also got to tag the rats with a beautiful earring.
Some of us (not me) choose to learn how to scruff the rats to collect the needed data.  I would have never thought this experience would have been as fun and rewarding as it turned out to be.  We went into three areas.  The first area had shout grass, something you would expect in your yard.  The next two areas had increasingly higher grass until at one point it was over my head.  We were practically swimming in field grass.  Everyone out there was pumped and ready for the experience.  Talk a bout a job that gets you out and about!  Each day as a scientist seems to vary more than I had originally thought.

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