AIG Teacher as a Scientist

Collaboration and Connections

I felt lucky to be a part of my particular fellowship.  Having two others to bounce ideas off as we work was perfect.  Our ages and experiences brought about a connection that allowed us to really “synergize” our efforts to  create some awesome lessons.  We also had the experience of working together to present at the museum to staff, visitors, our family, and administrators in a variety of environments.  Learning to present to groups is important as you end up doing that as doors open with the Kenan Fellowship.  We presented to Citizen Science Camp Attendees and some Govenor’s School Students in the lab with our mentor, Stephanie taking the lead.   We worked together in our small group  of three on the presentation in the Daily Planet.  We gave a preview to our mentor, Stephanie and a small group of scientists in the lab.  We received helpful feedback that helped us take our presentation to the next level.  It was exciting to have this experience in front of so many.

The connections went beyond just my group of three in the lab.  We were connected to the others in the museum.  The staff and scientists met with us regularly.  It felt as though we were inducted in to a great family of inspiration and support.  We also bonded the other Citizen Science Kenan Fellows at the Museum.  We talked many
times about how having that cohort has to make the Kenan experience greater.  The bond with the Fellows who stayed in the hotel together seemed even greater.  I felt a tiny bit jealous of that but time with my family was something I could not sacrifice.

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