AIG Teacher as a Scientist

The Impact of Kenan So Far

While I am in the planning stages of implementing my eMammals unit so the internship aspect is about to take a big leading role.  However, up to this point I would say that all the professional development on building a school culture has had the biggest influence thus far.  Sandy Ridge Elementary is a new school for me this year.  It is a school that has experienced a large turn over.  I was given the opportunity in multiple staff meetings to lead team building activities.  It would be wonderful to have a block of time dedicated to team building so that we may do the activities all at once.  Given time restraints I am grateful to have been afforded this opportunity.  It has been wonderful though to come in to a new building and begin leading to develop a school culture that is important to me.   Oddly enough, I have never been known for activities like this before but at Sandy Ridge I have had many colleagues approach me for this purpose.  Thanks Kenan for developing this aspect of my repertoire.

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