“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involved me and I truly learn.”

Questions raced through my head as I sat in traffic on I-40, one of which, how in the world am I going to do commute everyday? The uncertainly of whether or not we will all decide to drive the speed limit, or if we will all be held up by some invisible force. Regardless of the traffic flow, my drive to learn from this internship was unmatched. I could not wait to begin.

Bayer – the big corporation behind many pharmaceuticals in my bathroom such as Coppertone, Aleve, AlkaSeltzer, Aspirin, and One-A-Day, but this was a whole new side. This will be Crop Sciences, where they not only develop pesticides, herbicides, and seed treatments, but the understanding of agricultural challenges and those that face our growing population.

My goals for this experience were simple: find connections between their professionals and what they do on a daily basis, to the standards we teach in elementary.

Simple enough. My hopes were to build connections and revamp our video conferences, expert speakers, and excursions. As day 1 comes to a close, I know that my outcomes will be so much more. I had no idea how little I knew about this big company, despite my research.

With just one day down, and the week unfolded before me, I cannot wait to see what I can learn. This week, stay tuned for the Innovation Center, Bee Care Center, and a depth of knowledge of Bayer as a business, and within the industry.

The Intern