As I enter my final week of this internship, I begin to pull all the pieces of puzzle together, and think toward my product from the program. What will I take back to share with my colleagues to benefit our students? My mind has been racing as I do map after map of content, tying it all into the different grade levels. In my conversation with my Bayer Point of Contact, we discussed my chronic funnel vision. I have so many different directions and so many ideas, I do not know where to start. I would love to create a PBL (project based learning) unit for every grade level from this experience. While I still aspire to do this, I have to start somewhere.

Bees. When thinking about the past two weeks, this is the experience I am the most excited about and have talked the most about to family and friends. The best content connect though is with third grade plants and soils unit, and that is being taught in our fourth quarter at school. Back to square one — where do I start?

My greatest success thus far is my ideation. After every experience, I have been able to find a connection to the classroom, or a way for myself or staff to learn more. I have a lot to work with after all of these connections and experiences. (However, this has also lead to a possibility of too many ideas, making it hard to decide where to start).

The greatest challenge is definitely in getting started on the project and just going with it. I need to look at our Q1 and Q2 units in grades 2-5 and really dig in. More on that another day.

Challenging Challenge Based Learning