Perhaps one of the greatest challenges yet during this fellowship, is deciding what lesson plan to write. Let me clarify, I am not struggling to come up with an idea. I am struggling to figure out which one of the thousands of lessons I could have written from this experience.

We have been challenged to “create a product that transfers your internship experience into educational resources.” How could I possibly put everything that I experienced, and that Bayer does into just one lesson? That lead me to ask, what have I been most excited about? That didn’t seem fair either, everything was really great.

During week 2 and week 3, I found myself always coming back to the Bee Care Center. When talking to family, friends, and colleagues, that was the information I was most eager to share with them. It was also the piece that dramatically affects us all, and does not seem to be talked about regularly.

It’s finally decided. I will create a lesson about honey bees.

Now which grade should I work with? Kindergarten how animals move, OR 1st grade organisms, OR 2nd life cycles OR 3rd plants and soils, OR 4th animal habitats, OR 5th ecosystems. Ideally, I will be able to connect all grade levels to honey bees, and advocate for hives on campus and a pollinator garden. Wish me luck!

Planning a Lesson Plan