The entire three weeks was very interesting and exciting! We had the opportunity to experience so much! Bayer education – Innovation Center – Entomology – Plant Genome Engineering – Plant Trait Analysis – AGvocacy – Marketing – Sales – Bee Care Center – Hive Assessment — and that was just the first week! We then went on to explore the green house, visit the Clayton field site, and even go through the safety labs. At the culmination of this experience, I now have an in-depth understanding of not only crop science, but Bayer’s company structure. I have learned so much about science AND the corporate side through sales, marketing, issues management, communications, and outreach. Working with over 45 different Bayer employees, I feel very connected and eager to have my colleagues and students learn from them as well. As I mentioned in a previous post, their passion and enthusiasm for their job and field really shines through each conversation with them. I cannot wait to develop my unit with them in mind, and inspire my students by connecting them to scientists and professionals.