My official last day at Bayer — so bittersweet! After just finishing a week of SummerSTEM coaching and training over 40 WCPSS educators in STEM & PBL, a couple days back at school, and now a day full of science, Bayer, and teachers from across the state. I didn’t realize how excited I would be to go back to Bayer, even if it is just a day. Deb and team filled the day with professionals from all different labs and expertise, to spark curiosity and inspire teachers to bring more science into their classroom.

They took us through all kinds of great experiments and lessons that we can share with students to help them understand more complex topics in science. pH testing, human body systems, a magic show with science, green house and bee care center tours, chromatography, and DNA slicing using enzymes were just a few of the great ways we got to learn this day.

The response from the teachers was overwhelmingly positive! They were so excited to learn and eager to take these ideas to their own classrooms. Personally, I was more excited to see Bayer staff that I had connected with during my internship. It was a really great day, I will definitely miss my Bayer summer family!

Making Science Make Sense — Makes a Difference with Educators

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