Connecting Internship to Classroom

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This internship relates to my classroom curriculum in a number of different ways, particularly with the act of conservation. In the 8th grade science curriculum, one of the key concepts for students is knowledge of conservation and conservational practices. This is something that is fairly easy for the students to understand, but the curriculum doesn’t call for specific conservational methods/practices used in… Read more »

Weeks 2 & 3 at the USDA

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Jacob has supplied me with a lot of different resources throughout the past two weeks as a way of fostering some ideas for when I take my experiences back to the classroom to share with my students. These resources are going to be pivotal in how I actually create my product and introduce the key concepts of my lesson, so… Read more »

First Week at the USDA

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Wow, what a week it has been! I’m truly astounded by the amount of information I’ve learned in the past week under Jacob Giddens. I am truly thankful to have such a great mentor. But enough of the bragging, let’s get down to business. Firstly, not only was I able to witness what goes on within the offices amongst the… Read more »

My Hopes with KF

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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! As a part of this Kenan Fellows program, I am hoping network and experiences that I can carry back to my classroom. In doing this program, and as a beginning teacher who has completed only his FIRST year of teaching, I’ve been in programs similar to Kenan Fellows…and one of the main things… Read more »