Visiting a research farm/main feed mill

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I spent a day on a research farm for Smithfield Hog Production (Murphy-Brown). I can tell you first hand that the research team and interns work very hard! They lift many 50 pounds bags of feed to make sure the pigs are getting the correct feed. I was able to observe new baby pigs coming off the truck and  on to the farm and the different steps that the staff takes to make sure they are ready for the trials that they will be part of. The staff has to  weigh and sort them into pens usually in certain ratios. They have many different trials going on in order to determine what is best for the pigs at their farms.
I spent another day day at the main feed mill for Smithfield. I started at the receiving station and watched and learned how trucks brought in and unloaded the different ingredients used to make the feed for the pigs. I then went upstairs and learned how they mixed all the ingredients together in order to make the pellets to feed the pigs. (Different foods for are created depending on how old the pigs are) The last stop was to the loading of the feed into the trucks.