Sharing my summer with my students

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I shared with my students some of the knowledge that I gained this summer with Smithfield. We discussed that Smithfield has enough jobs that all my students could work for them. They could work on their farm, a research farm, grain lab, vet lab, feed mill, drive a truck, and many more. I told them that we would have many guest speakers this year. That a vet from Smithfield was coming to help the 7th dissect their pigs this year. They wanted to know if they could join in with the 7th grade. The geneticist is coming to discuss heredity with pigs, when the 7th grade is working with this concept. The HR department is coming to show students how to fill out an application and explain why it is important to show up to work on time. My students and other students at my school will benefit so much from my experience this summer.