Vet lab, genetics, feed lab, genetics

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I have had a busy week and met some wonderful people. I started my week by visiting a feed mill. They test everything in Hog feed. I then met with a recruiter for Smithfield and learned what types of jobs they have in the company and what type of education is needed to obtain these jobs. On the next day I rode with a truck driver that was carrying feed to a local farm. I was able to learn how they load the feed on the truck and then how the feed is moved from the truck into the silo. Did you know that grain trucks are not allowed to travel on I 40 because they are too heavy but can take the back roads? I ended my week at the vet lab where they test blood-work, feces, hair, tissue and much more from the hogs. I then spoke with a geneticist. The geneticist has agreed to speak with my students! It was an awesome week.