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How being a Kenan Fellow will impact me

How will being a Kenan Fellow help me in my career as a teacher. I will gain new knowledge and viewpoints of the teaching world. I am hoping to become a better teacher. I will make contacts with people that I did not know and help my fellow teachers by getting guest speakers to come into their classroom. The highlight… Read more »


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Learning different ways to engage my students! I am meeting a lot of new teachers and getting a lot of great ideas to take back to the classroom. I plan to implement to classcraft as a management tool into my classroom. I am hoping that it works and that I do not get overwhelmed with it and my students like… Read more »

First day with Smithfield Hog Production

On June 17th, I started my journey with Kenan Fellows. I meet with my Sponsor and Interns that are working with Smithfield this summer. We toured a research faculty that is located outside of Rose Hill, NC.  I have already learned information that will help me connect with my students in new ways. Thank you Smithfield and Kenan Fellows for… Read more »