I have always prided myself in that I have an insane preoccupation with both science and curriculum. I love finding a way to enhance science teacher’s content knowledge and also marry multiple curriculum areas into their curriculum. I was thoroughly excited to find that a fellow Team Soil fellow Grace was an English Language Arts teacher. Her desire mirrors mine and I see the year long fellowship as a chance to translate the successes into both the Science and ELA classrooms in both my county and throughout the state. My hope is that by being part of the team I can both contribute my curriculum knowledge into the ideas that we as a team are developing, but that I can also contribute to helping my team mates meet their goals through my teaching and scientific experiences.

As part of the NC Natural Science Museum’s Team Soil I personally want to produce a product that any teacher can access and facilitate with success in their classroom. I want to take the inquiry based experiences that the internship is providing and put them in student’s and teacher’s hand. My job provides the platform, my fellowship unparalleled knowledge from accomplished and wonderful scientists, and the team experience in the museum a chance to see the museum as a classroom that any person immerse themselves in.

My contributions to Student’s Discover

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