Hopes and Goals

Going into my Kenan Fellows experience, I have a lot of hopes and goals.  As a soon-to-be second year teacher, I feel I have lots of room for growth.  One of my biggest hopes is that I connect both with other new/excited/risk-taking teachers as well as seasoned/wise/experienced teachers, all who, hopefully, share the same passion for teaching and learning.  

I think the shorter answer may be how could being a Kenan Fellow NOT elevate my teaching career.  So far, it seems like an experience that will be enriching in all aspects – ideologically, pedagogically, expanding and deepening my content knowledge, growing as a teacher leader.  The amount of potential growth from this experience is almost overwhelming.  

I’ve been on the receiving end of Kenan Fellow leadership and innovation this past year through my colleague and great friend, Taylar Flythe.  I’ve seen how she has used her experience to enhance her teaching, and also used it to help me enhance my teaching as well as to help other teachers throughout the school.  I’m hoping that my reach will have the same gravity that hers has.  I’d love to inspire other teachers to open their horizons, bring back ideas and energy that I could not have found elsewhere, and become a strong teacher leader at my school.  

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