A Mutualistic Relationship

Dr. Stephanie Schuttler’s lab has implemented several Citizen Science projects.  In order for such projects to be successful, it is imperative for them to have willing citizens to participate.  The great thing about our partnership is that it gives Stephanie and her lab an automatic source of “citizens” – my students and me – to participate in Citizen Science projects.  

Stephanie has also already mentioned how helpful it is to learn about reaching the public and about teaching techniques from working with teachers.  Since she’s done this project several years now, she’s had quite a bit of time to work with all kinds of teachers, and it was clear that she had a talent for talking to non-scientists about science, helping to bridge any gaps that I was originally worried about when beginning my internship.  

Most obviously, my internship experience is helpful because I’ve been able to contribute to some of their projects, and I’ll be helping to promote the Citizen Science projects, making it accessible to teachers everywhere so that its influence can continue to spread.  And, of course, I’ll be helping collect data when I launch the camera traps with my students this school year.  

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