Tuesday, Jan. 31 2017

The fellowship has really had on impact on me in a variety of ways.

First, the fellowship put me out of my comfort zone to learn new skills and work with a team that I have never met before.

Second, the fellowship really pushed me to reach out to community members to bring into my classroom. This year alone I brought in a few project managers, two SAS employees, and invited Mrs. Hibler a for a few visits in my classroom.

Lastly, the fellowship really pushed me to learn. The PRL plan allowed me to focus on some professional development I have always wanted to complete, but not have time. This year alone I have studied and passed my SAS Base Certification, learned new project management software, currently studying for my Certified Associates in Project Management, and studying for my Advanced SAS Programmer.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

The Kenan Fellow/Mentor partnership was a great experience. During my Kenan Fellows, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of mentors that helped me understand brainstorming techniques, the engineering design process, and research.

Throughout the program I had a variety of “ah-ha” moments. I think my biggest moment was during the brainstorming session of our wearable device product. As a math and business major, I had never had the opportunity to brainstorm a product I wanted to build from scratch. Learning different techniques from Dr. Jurr and Dr. Veety really helped me understand the process and time needed choose a product.

After the fellowship I do not see a future working with Dr. Jurr and Dr. Veety. My area of expertise is not in engineering or textiles.

Monday, Oct. 31

The Personal Remote Learning (PRL) plan meant an extraordinary amount to me. As a teacher and individual, I promote learning, and I think sometimes we forget to do that ourselves. The Kenan PRL has allowed me to sit down and think about what I can learn to help benefit both the students and I. I am very excited to sit down and work on the PRL.