Friday, Sept. 30

Six weeks into the school year I have applied a few things from Kenan. The first is a “sprint” strategy I learned from Mr. Thom. This strategy directly correlated to my project management class. The  “sprint’ strategy gets the students to talk about team daily team goals. It helps them focus on what needs to be done, who needs to do what, and are we currently on schedule. I have added a team daily log to my PBL classroom. This helps me monitor all groups, and helps the students set daily goals.

I have also really focused on gaining my SAS Base Certification that I set in my PRL. I think the PRL is a great idea, and has helped me really focus on goals that will help me gain valuable skills that I can incorporate into my classroom. My studying and focus on the Base Certification has really helped me understand the curriculum more, and understand what the students will encounter on the certification if they choose to take it.

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